Sipping Out of a Straw Can Cause Fine Lines

Do you drink dark sodas, tea, and coffee through a straw? It may help prevent staining your pearly whites, but it can cause fine lines around your mouth, which is a sign of skin aging.

Nino points out that when you’re sipping out of a straw, you’re activating the muscles around the lips: “The more we activate those muscles, the more likely we are to get that crease in the skin.” It’s the same reason that smokers also develop wrinkles around the mouth, she explains. Those lines can be traced to repetitive lip pursing.

Skin solution You don’t necessarily have to avoid straws like the plague, but whenever you can get away without one, skip it, Nino says.

“Every part of our body is affected by our stress,” Dr. Frank says. That includes your skin.

If you’re chronically worried (or losing sleep over stress), your body is pumping out stress hormones nonstop, which can cause premature aging. “Cortisol, the major stress hormone, breaks down collagen, which leads to sagging skin and wrinkles and causes inflammation,” a New York City–based board-certified dermatologist and psychiatrist. And chronic stress can speed up the aging process because of that increased inflammation, research has shown.

Skin solutions “Stress can be reduced mostly through lifestyle changes, including good food, good sleep, and meditation, which all have an enormous effect on the biological and cosmetic aging process,” Frank says.

Figure out what really helps you relax and do it regularly.

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